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Happy Shades of Shit

Going off the fly and starting fresh...
I figured the username Hail_Auschwitz just doesn't fit anymore. I've wanted to change it for a while, but even with all the advancements LiveJournal has made, it falls short with not having the ability to change your username free of cost. Bastids!

While fiddling with my thoughts lately and creating a great plot outline for my newest writing piece the French verb Tromper, meaning to trick or to fool, has become the basis for what I'd like to write about. Vague, I know, deal with it. Bitches.

It all began when I was reading an art book my sister had picked up at college. I've forgotten the name. Its not in sight and I really don't feel like moving. I'm cold. I have my headphones on. That would involve me taking them off, walking across the room, and savagely rummaging through a shit load of papers and pages. I am way too goddman lazy for that type of physical activity. Anywho...in this book was the phrase trompe l'oeil, the French term for a style of painting that appears to come right off the wall. Literally, this term means, "fool the eye."

Once I get a sturdy foundation under this piece I'll elaborate. I don't want to jinx my motivation yet.

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